Atar Gold Hydrate Protect Sulfate-Free Vegan Shampoo 10 oz


Experience the rich luxurious lather of our Hydrate Protect Sulfate-Free Vegan Shampoo featuring our amazing fragrance and clean properties. Our enriched vegan formula features our proprietary complex of Colloidal Gold for anti-aging, Moringa Oil a natural cleanser, Plant Stem-Cells for improving fuller hair and Egyptian Blue Lotus a mood enhancer - all designed to strengthen weak fragile hair and protect color treated hair. Shampooing never felt so good!

Jude Dulhunty Jan, 12 2018

"I've been a huge fan with a (positive) addiction to Atar Gold Fragrance Serum, but after trying your shampoo and conditioner, I'm also in love with them. I love the way it made my hair look and feel (like silk), but oh, the wonderful smell!"