Atar Gold Natural Fragrance Serum 1 oz


A quiet revolution is happening my's ATAR GOLD®, a Natural Fragrance Serum inspired by Ancient Egypt! We're leading a new trend in a natural fragrance that we call "Luxury Green"

ATAR GOLD Natural Fragrance Serum is made with a combination of eight Egyptian attars, with leading notes of organic sandalwood, bergamot and black pepper that naturally changes to your body chemistry, either spicy, woody or fresh and powdery - it all depends on you!

Our formula has:
  • NO ALCOHOL - that can overtly propel a scent into a room or transfer onto clothing
  • NO Phthalates - known allergens that cause health risks
  • NO Oils - that can leave a residue on skin and clothes. 

Our proprietary "VELVESILK™" base contains high grade silicons found in top skin care formulas that protects and glides over your skin like silk allowing the fragrance to hover close to the skin, a sensual experience while you smell delicious.
We call it a "scent-sation".

Our formula is designed to give you a truly new experience - we've added the power of pure 24K Gold known for it's anti-aging effects for the skin and increasing circulation providing healing benefits that gives an uplifting feeling of well being for the wearer and those around you. 

OUR BOTTLE FEATURES A SPECIAL NO LEAK SPORT PUMP and comes in our sustainable burlap travel pouch, so it goes where you go - apply lavishly day into night!

"I have been using Atar Gold Fragrance Serum since they first launched their products. There fragrance is my signature scent, and it is unlike any I have found. It is earthy, yet soft and subtle-my absolute favorite!!!"

HAPPY CUSTOMER Nancy Evans Mar, 14 2018