Our Reinvention

Reinvention - the making of something great! October 09 2015, 0 Comments


Teri Donnelly, CEO/Co-Founder, Atar Gold LLC

Sometimes in life you find yourself at a crossroad to look either way before making your next big move, and sometimes nether way look right so you stop to ponder a new direction. In creating Phyto-Lux our new hair care line was just that for me. I said to my business partner Tony, "it's time to go for hair care but it has to be special". So Tony sent me on a journey to a different kind of trade show, it was a Cosmetic Scientist Trade Show and it featured the companies that make the ingredients for personal care products. Well, I was a kid in a candy shop - so many things to learn and to be able to talk to the chemist behind the company was mucho insightful! I walked out with stacks of information on the latest ingredients and my pondering turned into reinvention. We knew we had one chance to make a first impression, and that meant innovation.

Our target - The "LUXURY GREEN CONSUMER". Our research brought us to the latest in green science, wild crafted and organic ingredients with the secrets of science. We call it phyto-technology. Our new lineup is here; Phyto-Lux Hair Care Essentials, all you need to care for the life of your hair - sulfate-free shampoo, daily conditioner, masque and leave-in elixir all feature our proprietary Phyto-Lux Complex with Colloidal Gold, Moringa Oil, Plant Stem-Cells & Egyptian Blue Lotus. Together they address the challenges of anti-aging/ hair thinning and hair loss, frizzy unruly hair, fine limp hair, dull and damaged hair texture and color.

Designed to transform the way you look and feel!.    

Colloidal Gold: powerful anti-aging properties, amazing conduit that carries botanicals deeper into the hair shaft termed "super activation"

Plant-Stem Cells: helps increase the life span of hair bulge cells located in the hair follicle for more hair growth and fuller hair, protects hair from UVA & UVB rays.

Moringa Oil: strengthens and nourishes the hair better than Argan Oil / rich in Vitamins A, B, C, D, E to regenerate cellular activity, offers incredible shine and conditions frizzy unruly hair without  oily residue

Egyptian Blue Lotus: promote good circulation and blood flow to nourish the scalp, offers a feeling of euphoria/ symbolizes transformation