Transform the way you look and feel this spring December 08 2017, 1 Comment

For over 40 years we have used our expertise and knowledge to transform the way people look and feel. We specialize in understanding what makes one person's style different from another and that's how we've developed our brand Atar Gold, inspired by ancient Egypt - We use the power of pure gold and natural attars - the oils of plants, woods and flowers in all our beauty products.

Try our Phyto-Lux Hair Care Essentials - great for all hair types 

Phyto-Lux features our proprietary complex of colloidal gold, plant stem cells, moringa oil and Egyptian blue lotus - all you'll ever need to care for the life of your hair! Tames frizzy, defines curly, adds body to fine hair and adds super natural shine and condition while your hair feels light and manageable. 

Indulge in our revolutionary Atar Gold Natural Fragrance Serum made for both a man and a woman in a silky serum base and 24K Gold - no alcohol, greasy oils or nasty phthalates - silky, sexy and oh so yummy! notes of organic sandalwood, bergomot and black pepper, changes to your body chemistry either spicy, woody or fresh and powdery.

So spread the love this spring season and do something extraordinary for you or a love one and let us help!

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